Historical beauty and grace
Harmony of the exciting future

Five generations in Ginza.
Bringing the “Yiseyoshi taste” to the next generation.

I am Mie Chitani, the owner of Ginza Yiseyoshi and a kimono designer.

Protected by Ginza, we inherited traditional culture from our ancestors.

To a new world, to the future.

I would be happy to share with you my own version of harmony.

Kimono is fun!

KIMONO Life for all

The pleasure of your order.
custom-made kimono

A kimono that has been properly tailored to your size will feel great without falling apart. A kimono can be widened every year or re-tailored into a coat, and a piece of cloth can be worn with great care for a lifetime.

From beginners to experts, Mie Chitani will produce a unique piece just for you.

Wear it in 3 minutes New Kimono
Ginza Kimono So

Ginza Kimono So is a “new kimono” designed by Mie Chitani and registered as a design.

It comes with strings, so anyone can easily put it on and it will not fall off for a long time. It can be worn traditionally with a formal obi, lightly worn as a fashionable outfit, or as a long cardigan to protect against cold winds.

TheBest Seller Merchandise
Daifuku bag

Bag designed by Mie Chitani. The plump shape is as lovely as Daifuku. Handmade from silk and cotton from obi and kimono.

Lightweight and able to hold a lot, it is very popular among all ages. Use it with a kimono, denim or dress, for tea ceremonies, celebrations, travel or shopping.