For those who wish to ship from Japan to overseas

◆ How to specify the delivery address.

Due to the convenience of our shopping system, we are unable to enter international postal codes or addresses, so please enter our address once in both the order and delivery address.

東京都中央区銀座8-10-3 銀座三鈴ビル6階
株式会社 銀座いせよし
(↑↑ Please use copy and paste.)

Then, in the remarks section (in the comments section for staff)
・You wish to ship overseas.
・The recipient’s “zip code/address/name/phone number”
Please provide each of the following information to confirm your order.

◆ About shipping.

Once the domestic shipping price is displayed, we will measure the weight of the package and inform you of the necessary shipping costs to the destination via an order confirmation email.
・We will be shipping from Japan.
・EMS (Express Mail Service) or DHL will be used for shipping.

◆ About duties and taxes.

Purchases may be subject to customs duties and other import taxes and fees at the time of clearance in the receiving country.
The recipient will be responsible for this. Please pay directly to the shipping company at the time of delivery.
Please note that taxes and customs fees may vary from country to country, so please contact the customs office of your country for details.

◆ Weight and Safety Table (English version).

The following is a summary of the approximate weights of the main products that are often shipped overseas.
This is just a guide, but please use it as a reference for shipping costs.
⇒ Reference page : Weight Chart for International Shipments (English Version)

◆ Countries and regions where delivery is not available.

◆ お届け先のご指定方法


東京都中央区銀座8-10-3 銀座三鈴ビル6階
株式会社 銀座いせよし


◆ 送料について


◆ 関税などにつきまして


◆ 重量目安表(日本語版)

⇒ 参考ページ:海外発送向け 重量目安表(日本語版)

◆ 配送不可の国・地域がございます

We also ship kimonos and yukatas overseas for those who want to wear them or give them as a gift.

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