Order made Ginza Kimono So - TSUKESAGE chrysanthemum cherry blossom Edo yuzen / navy blue (for women)

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Flagship model of " Ginza Kimono So with beautiful hand-painted yuzen

This product is basically made-to-order, but there may be cases where it is in stock, so please contact us if you would like to order it.
Product name: TSUKESAGE-KIKUOU EDO-YUZEN without  Self-fabric obi
Material: 100% silk
Color: brown

Women's size guide

~160 cm 160 cm~
chest measurement ~100 cm M L
100 cm~ L L

This product is made to order. Please indicate your size when ordering.

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Flagship model of the highest grade of the " Ginza Kimono So series

The "Tukishita Chrysanthemum and Cherry Blossom Edo Yuzen" is a piece of work, hand-painted by a craftsman with chrysanthemums and cherry blossoms, the representative flowers of Japan, on elegant navy blue silk.

If you have one hanging in your closet, it will give you a unique look for a variety of occasions.


This is a truly authentic kimono tailored from the finest 100% silk fabric, but " Ginza Kimono So can be easily worn by anyone, as all you have to do is Ginza Kimono So tie the strings.

It is tied with a string attached to the body, so it stays in place without tying an obi. You can tie it freely according to your style.

You can also match your obi, scarf, or belt when you go out.

It is beautifully hand-painted yuzen and can be worn with an authentic obi like a traditional kimono. We recommend that you purchase an obi with this item.

Of course, it can also be worn over a T-shirt, denim, etc. to create a stylish outer layer, or with sandals and sneakers to create your own unique style.


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